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Living with Boys

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I'm a librarian in a Rocky Mountain state with two kids, two cats, and a husband who suffers my obsessions (and often acts as my beta) with varying degrees of patience. I'm also a lifelong Fangirl. Every now and then, for inscrutable reasons, I find myself falling in love with something--a book series, an author's or actor's work, a tv show--and then I dive in headfirst trying to learn everything I can about it. My first fictional love was Archie Goodwin, Nero Wolfe's man of action and the narrator of Rex Stout's mystery series. I spent years hunting down copies of those books in used bookstores all over the country and read them over and over again. (This was long before the internet, let alone Amazon, made it almost too easy to find such things!) I have collected, lost, and re-collected the series over the years, though it has been a long time since I re-read one. Once I move on from something, I don't feel like I really leave it behind me or only view it nostalgically. Rather, it becomes a part of me, entangled in my imagination and world view,

My current passion is for Supernatural, as might be seen by my output on LJ and here (first foray into fanfic and meta, so please be kind!). I wasn't expecting much from it, but the show's look, themes, humor and complex characters had me hooked by the time I got to "Faith". I love it, and I still love it, through all its changes, flaws and triumphs.

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