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My catalog of fanfic is not extensive, but I feel the need to gather it and put it all in one place. I'm also planning to use this as a general index of some of the better bits and pieces that I've posted over the now several years that I've had this journal (hey, I'm a librarian, this is kinda my thing!). So, without further ado:

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Taking the plunge on SPN Reversebang!

Call me nvervous and excited--I've just signed up as a writer for this year's Reversebang. This is my first ever bang! Wish me luck?


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The Winchesters have a reputation, sure. But it wasn't always clear how important-some say destructive-they would turn out to be. (Outsider POV, Spoilers for episode 1x16, Shadow)

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Out of the Ashes

Note: This is an odd sort of "what if" that I've been mulling over for years now, and I finally decided just to write the thing, even if I'm the only person in the world who actually wants to see such a story! It's about Anna Milton and what happened to her after the events of "Heaven and Hell", and was spurred by wondering why she had so "grown attached" to her vessel that she risked calling in a favor to get it back (aside from the obvious fact that the show wanted to keep using Julie McNiven in the part!). This is my answer to my own question:

"The Fae court had fallen silent, its revelers had wandered off into the maze of the queen’s mansion or dozed off to sleep, in their chairs or on the floor. The queen’s musician slumped against the arm of the throne, her head level with her liege’s lap, her instrument under one folded and protective arm. The queen had willed it all so."

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Jack left the two-room clinic through a side door. The night air slapped him with a cold breeze that hit his chest and cheeks. It stung the skin on his stomach where the cut pulled at him even though it was now clean and bandaged, but he let the door swing shut behind him anyway. He couldn’t listen to the man who was not his father mumbling to himself, saying the same name over and over again—“Teddy, Teddy—” Sam said that the man was disoriented and in pain. Jack just knew that the man laying on the examining table wasn’t Lucifer, or at least, wasn’t him anymore. He also wasn’t supposed to be here.

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Why this show? Supernatural and "Absence"

Ever since the announcement of the end of the road for Supernatural, I have been pondering this question--navel gazing, really. Why was this the show I fell so hard for after several years without a fannish love? What spoke to me about this particular story? I mean, I've always been a fangirl at heart, and I've always incorporated the shows, movies, music, or books that I fall for into my life. I've always felt that Stories can carry a vital component in framing and understanding our world. And certainly, SPN shares some ingredients with the stories I have loved over the years. Sam and Dean's brotherhood recalls Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin's prickly comraderie. The series shares a sensibility similar to Harry Potter's increasingly complex mythology. It was inspired by Neil Gaiman's throwing together of disparate cultures into an American stew. There's Buffy's sacrifice. Firefly's found family. LoTR's epic adventure and themes of good vs. evil fighting in the gray areas of the soul.

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(Fic) Writer Picks the Music: Carry On

Billie said, “It’s over.”

Sam left his apartment and walked down the back stairwell to the selling floor, pausing for a second to glance around the quiet, dark space and breathe in the scent of old books and herbs that grounded him. Rosemary hung heavy in the air this morning, and he knew he was in for it today. There were days, weeks, that he lived his life not thinking about Billie’s last visit, now so long ago and far away, but today was apparently not going to be one of them. Whole months passed without his brother’s voice echoing from the corners of his memory, but this morning it was just a matter of time before he piped up.
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